I have had many people ask me what I’ve been reading, and so I decided to create this blog.  I find it very useful to put a few thoughts down on paper about a book I’ve just read, forcing me to digest the book and its message and intent, before moving on to my next book.  So I write this blog largely for myself, but perhaps (and I hope) others may find my impressions of interest.  I may even inspire others to read (or not read) some of the books I have read.  I also hope to get some comments.

The blog itself is simply reviews of the books I read in the order that I write them.  The tabs on the blog list the books with hot link to the reviews, broken down into Literature (most of what I read) and others (biography, pol mil, etc) and Business and Leadership -which I read as part of my professional education.

Links to my other sites, both of which link to this site: Fifth Factor Leadership – my professional website, and Bob’s Corner where I post essays on topics that interest me.

4 Responses to About

  1. George Jereza says:

    What is the purpose of reading a gazillion books? Stop. Because less is really more. How about simply re-reading the best of them? But, before you stop reading the endless stream of books, you might want to read this first… 🙂

    It’s the mother of all…hmmm…. philosophy books?

  2. jim says:

    hey bob – what book did Doig (or was it someone else ?)write that had an exerpt about 2 brothers having a scrap and the damage done remains like having a shattered arm bone that must always be tip-toed around ?

    • schoultz says:

      I don’t recall that. If it were Doig, it might be Dancing at the Rascal Fair – my favorite of the 5 Doig books I read. That one is mostly about the protagonist’s life-long love for a woman he couldn’t marry, but there may have been a brother piece in there as well.

  3. Keith E. Heaton says:

    Hello Bob,

    I hope that you are well.

    Just wondered please if you might take a look at my latest novel, now available on Amazon in both electronic format but also in paperback.


    ITALY April 1945

    Special Operations Executive have decided to send in their most successful agent, in order to secure the arrest of Il Duce.
    Mussolini is a wanted man.
    S.O.E. want him to stand trial for crimes against humanity… but many others have a different agenda.

    It’s a captivating story, only a handful of people know the actual truth, and numerous individuals claim to have delivered the final blow.

    Please if you will… grab a copy.

    It’s free to download an electronic copy from Amazon tomorrow, on Monday, 21st, February, 2022.

    Thank you so much for your time.
    Kind Regards

    PS.- If you would like like any other information about this or any of my other books, then please just drop me a line.

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